The Blue Cottage – Use of Words

This word map was made from the final manuscript of the ebook. It lists the most prominent words. The bigger the word is shown means the more I used it to tell the story.

You don’t really realize what emphasis you give to words when writing until you do a word map. I am a visual person so use of this map is interesting and surprising for what is there and what is not.

One big omission was the words dead and death which I would have expected in a cozy mystery but its obvious they are not words I like to repeat. That may be a physiological thing on my part. The other word missing was ghost but I may have used their names instead of referring to them as the ghost.

The main characters are showing prominently as I would have expected and the beach location was also there.

I liked writing this short story and this word map shows me about my writing style and my use of words. I hope you found it interesting too.

The Blue Cottage will be listed free on Amazon Kindle between 16 – 18 January 2019 if you haven’t picked it up as yet.