Oracle and Angel Cards I Recommend

I have been asked to recommend my favorite Oracle and Angel Cards. I use my own cards regularly and I have included oracle card reading in my Miranda Moore Cozy Mystery Series. There will be 3 decks reviewed by me in total over the next month. I hope you like these decks.


517lQ+npUyL._SX353_BO1,204,203,200_This is my first, a review for Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards.

Animal spirit guides are spirit helpers or sometimes called totems in animal form who can provide guidance for questions you have about any aspect of your life.

In this deck of 44 beautifully illustrated textured cards created by Steven D. Farmer, you’ll find clear and concise messages from each of the spirit creatures represented that will offer you sensible advice on whatever question you need an answer for.

Some of the animals include: Cat, Camel, Falcon, Tortoise, Mouse, Dog, Heron, Meercat, Elk, Honey Bee, and Octopus.

So you will see both animals, birds, insects and even the octopus (mollusk) portrayed in the cards. What I was surprised though to see was the mythical unicorn. The deck encloses a guidebook with detailed instructions and associations for each card to help you read them for yourself. What I do like is the notes section at the back of the guidebook.

Bottom Line If you love your animals like I do then these cards are for you. They are beautiful cards to handle in your hands and to use.

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The Spirit Messages

My second review is for The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck.

Like the previous deck it has an accompanying guidebook and 50 beautifully designed cards. This deck was created by John Holland  who is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium. It will assist you in getting support, comfort, and divine guidance from Spirit, your loved ones, family, and friends on the other side. These cards will also help the user to develop a higher awareness of Spirit and remind you that you are never truly alone.

Unlike the first deck you cant really indicate which cards you like the best because they will choose you for your current issues and challenges. They are though all in beautiful rich colors and with a glossy finish that is nice to handle.

These extraordinary cards will bring insight and clarity around some of the major decision points in your life, or just to reaffirm that you’re making the right decisions. The Spirit World communicates through these cards with guidance and direction in matters of self-love, vulnerability, relationships, trust, and more. The guidebook is packed with inspired guidance and written in a practical style.

Bottom Line: This is my new favorite deck. The colors are very rich on the cards and I find I am drawn to read them often.

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51B4QhaHTOL._SX337_BO1,204,203,200_My third review is for Messages From Your Angels Cards.

Lovely deck by Doreen Virtue. Each card has a gorgeous angel painting, along with a one- or two-sentence message. The messages are specific and to-the-point, which makes for angel readings that have specific details and guidance.

This was the first deck I bought and I used it for years before trying other ones. I was attracted to this deck and I encourage you to find your own decks this way. You are meant to read those that appeal to you. I love the guidebook that is included but tend to read them my own way but use the spreads that are given. My favorite spread is Looking Ahead on page 16 which I use all the time. There is information on each angel but I just read the message on the card and then feel what the card is telling me.

Bottom Line: This deck is good for actual angel questions and is easy to read. The cards are full size and as I have small hands I have to be a bit more careful shuffling them. I highly recommend this deck if you are new to card reading.

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