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A fiction writer of cozy mysteries Grace loves animals and the esoteric. She loves the ocean and this has been her inspiration for the setting for her books.

Join me at the Whodunnit Summit

During the month of April, Archer Hay will introduce the First Annual Whodunnit Summit–a social media event aimed at introducing our readers to the best new and up-and-coming authors in mystery, suspense, horror, and humor. Throughout the month of April 2019, our home page will serve as a launching pad for these authors and their creative works. Check back often for updates, giveaways, and more! A new author will be featured every three days!

I will be featured for the first four days and Precious Pearls my new release will be featured. Come over and see us there at >

Precious Pearls – New Book

The new cozy romance mystery Precious Pearls will be released on Amazon Kindle on 30 March 2019. It is available on pre-sale for 99c until that time.

This story is a little different in that it features a senior-sleuth who has to find out who is stealing from herself and her new friends. Also she dreams of her lost love even though it has been 15 years since she last saw him.

Precious Pearls

You will love this romantic mystery if you care about those who have the courage to face their fears to get justice in the fight against greed, and if you like stories of love that tug at your heartstrings.

Get it now.

The Blue Cottage – Use of Words

word map

This word map was made from the final manuscript of the ebook. It lists the most prominent words. The bigger the word is shown means the more I used it to tell the story.

You don’t really realize what emphasis you give to words when writing until you do a word map. I am a visual person so use of this map is interesting and surprising for what is there and what is not.

One big omission was the words dead and death which I would have expected in a cozy mystery but its obvious they are not words I like to repeat. That may be a physiological thing on my part. The other word missing was ghost but I may have used their names instead of referring to them as the ghost.

The main characters are showing prominently as I would have expected and the beach location was also there.

I liked writing this short story and this word map shows me about my writing style and my use of words. I hope you found it interesting too.

The Blue Cottage will be listed free on Amazon Kindle between 16 – 18 January 2019 if you haven’t picked it up as yet.