Grace Geyer

A Shout Out to my Readers

Authors love book reviews including me. It gives us feedback on whether you are enjoying our writing.

Yeah I would love to, but what should I write I can hear you say.

Here are a few suggestions on what you could include in a review. I hope it helps.

  • What you liked and didn’t like about the story and the characters.
  • Did you like the writing style?
  • Did you care what happened to Miranda?
  • Would like the series to continue?
  • and finally, if you would recommend that book to a friend.

Write a review

Here are the links to the review pages for my books on Amazon:

The Blue Cottage 

Dog in the Frame

Dig Deeper

Miranda Moore Cozy Mystery Series Box Set

Hey all you book worms … thank you for reading my books. Looking forward to reading your reviews. I will have a Halloween themed story out in October.


Great Saturday Facebook Event

On Saturday 12 September I participated in a Facebook Event called Mystery Writers Revealed. At 6 – 7 pm EDT I was hosting with cozy mystery authors Karoline Barrett, Julie Moffett, and Abby Vandiver.

We had a great time and had the opportunity to talk to a great bunch of cozy readers. All books were 99c and we had giveaways as well of books and vouchers.

I, myself, had a giveaway of 3 x 99c Amazon gift codes if you signed upon the day to my Insiders Club then you went into a draw.

So here are the winners….

  1. Sharon from Marlboro
  2. Charlene from East Brunswick
  3. Marsha from Bismarck

Congratulations ladies and your gift codes will be in you email.

The event was such a success that they plan to hold another one before Christmas. I will let you know when that will be through the Insiders Club.

Miranda Moore Cozy Mystery Series Box Set

MirandaMooreBundleSet-500x800Books 1 – 3 have now been bundled together and published on Amazon Kindle from 11 September 2015.

A collection of three short ghost stories from the series. Introducing Miranda Moore, a divorced woman, who moves to the seaside town of Delphin Beach. She is assisted to solve a series of mysteries with the help of her friend Erica, her cat Raziel, and the ghost of her mother. All the stories are light mysteries set in a beach side town.

The three books are:

  • The Blue Cottage
  • Dog in the Frame
  • Dig Deeper

Also included under Notes from the Author are insights into the ideas and experiences behind each book.