Update on Christmas Short Stories

I am sorry readers but I have misjudged how much time I needed to write three stories for Ghostly Christmas Stories so it wont be finished or published before Christmas now.

I have some good news though that I will be releasing a short cozy story called A FROZEN FATE which will be released on Amazon on Christmas week.

Here is the book cover:

A Frozen Fate

I will continue working on the short story compilation though in the New Year and you can follow the progress on My Book Progress to the right of the page.

Halloween 2017

It’s almost here again that spooky time of year and this time I’m dressing as a witch in black and orange. I even decorated my own hat. If I get enough courage I might even post a pic at a later date.

October ends with the day of the dead and November starts with the day of saints so that’s got to be good I’m sure for those born in November like me.

I hope you all have fun this Halloween 2017. I should ask you to watch your sweets intake but then I would be a hypocrite. Its only one night, right?

Halloween 2017